Clearly we captured your attention! Just as we found you today, you can now find potential buyers for your listing without any effort. Push Marketing is a proximity notification service that broadcasts your listing details to Android phones within 400m of our proximity notification devices. These devices are battery operated and weather proof. We are seeing the best results when attached to your listing sign or inside your lockbox. 

How it works:  We will program your device to emit a message of your choice, the most effective notification message is "You are steps away from your new home, click for details" Once a message has been programmed and the link destination has been selected the device is ready to deployed at your listing. We can connect it to a yard sign or lock box. Once your device has been deployed we simply wait for your phone to ring or for increased traffic to your website. As potential home buyers walk past your listing they will receive a notification on their phone, this is a notification and not a text message. Our notifications have been approved by the Real Estate Board and meet all Can-Spam policies. If the phone holder swipes to view further details they will see your listing details, ideally including photos, virtual tours and your contact details. 

How do I know it is working?  Simple, once a week we will send you analytics on your device performance. It is recommended that the device is placed in a high traffic area, we have some devices that generate as many as 30 views per day on listings, how many are generating currently? 

Can we change the message? Yes, the notification message can be reprogrammed by our team. Included in our monthly service are 4 notification modifications. A great strategy is changing the message to ramp up for an open house or to notify of a price adjustment. 

What is this going to cost me? You should be asking yourself, what it's costing you to not have proximity notifications on your listings. No other form of advertising is going to work this hard to showcase your listing. Each device is available for $50 per month, discounts apply when ordering multiple devices.

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Not interested in finding more buyers?  As a thank you for stopping by, agents that book a Virtual Tour and Photo package receive a free 2D Floor Plan on their first order. Call today for details!

Additional Services We Offer

Virtual Tours

Matterport 3D Immersive Virtual Tours

Using Matterport 3D camera technology, 3D Immersive Tours creates stunning immersive self-guided tours of your listing. 

Drone Imagery

Drone Imagery

Drone imagery is a powerful tool used by top real estate agents to showcase high-end listing, listings with views and land assembly projects. 


DSLR Photography

Utilizing high quality camera equipment and state of the art editing software, 3D Immersive Tours takes photos that will showcase your listing to sell.

Feature Sheets & Brochures

Feature Sheets & Brochures

Feature sheets and brochures are extremely important, they represent you and your brand.  Home buyers appreciate clear and concise listing information.  

 Floor Plans

 2D & 3D Floor Plans

Floor plans provide valuable information to buyers to understand the layout and size of your listing.

Realtor Websites

Realtor Websites

Every agent should have their own website, now they are affordable for everyone. Features agent like most are out auto listing import, email notifications, and more.


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Hear what people are saying about us! 

“Our 3D Immersive Tour increased business for us. New customers are able to see how great we are, no longer do they need to listen to us tell them. They can now see it for themselves!"  Joel Luyt - Former owner Heritage Boardshop

"The finished product has exceeded all of our expectations. The tour looks really professional and portraits Andina Brewing Co. in the best possible way. The ability to show potential customers our Brewery and Tasting Lounge before they arrive is fantastic and will form a key part of our branding and web marketing. The tour instantly provided our customers the ability to see exactly what Andina is all about and why they should visit us.

We look forward to working with 3D-Immersive Tours again in the future to update and refresh our original tour and we would highly recommend them to anyone thinking of having a virtual tour to promote their business".    Claudia Amaya - Andina Brewing Company



"Looks really good.  Thanks for the feature sheet it looks great."   Todd Habekost - Forsalebyowner

"The tour looks great! I really appreciate the quick delivery and expedited edits. I will definitely use 3D Immersive Tours again."   Andre Garrison - Oakwyn Realty (referred client)

"The tour looks amazing, we are super excited to start using it in our marketing initiatives"  Tom Orange - Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks

" The tour looks fantastic... keep up the great work!" We will be using you on all our listings and I will recommend your service to my top agents."  Niko Lambrinoudis - Trg The Residential Group

3D IMMERSIVE TOUR IS IN GOOD STANDING WITH wORK SAFE BC, vancouver regional construction association and is a preferred supplier of metro vancouver properties (re/max metro)

3D IMMERSIVE TOUR IS IN GOOD STANDING WITH wORK SAFE BC, vancouver regional construction association and is a preferred supplier of metro vancouver properties (re/max metro)