Brewery touring is a popular activity for both locals and tourists. In today's age, the story behind the beer is just as important as how beautiful the label looks and the beer tastes.

Often beer lovers want to see what your tasting room looks like before coming down with their crew. Utilizing 3D-Immersive Tours your customers can see exactly how unique your tasting room is. You can also educate your potential patrons and highlight specific areas you want them to see when visiting your brewery; such as the available merchandise and private group booking rooms.

Faculty Brewing Co. 

Situated on the Ontario St. bike path, Faculty Brewing Co. is a fantastic pit stop for any cyclist. With a spacious tasting room you can enjoy delicious beer with friends. Take a sneak preview of what Faculty Brewing Co. has to offer. 


Enjoy this tour of Andina Brewing Co.

Andina Brewing Co. is one of Vancouver's newest and nicest breweries. The moment you walk inside you will treated to a welcoming environment. The staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. It would be a challenge to not embrace the Colombian vibe, take a sneak peak inside!

Keeping beer weird at Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks

Fuggles & Warlocks Craftworks is the perfect place to kill time and enjoy weird beer. You can spend time in the arcade on site, enjoy a number of board games available, or just cheer on your favourite team while watching on a big screen.  

Coming soon.... Parallel 49 Brewery & EVBC East Vancouver Brewing Company..

What you need to know:

Brewery tours are best performed before/after hours when your tasting room and brewery are empty/closed. On average 1000 sq.ft will require 45-60 minutes. You will also want to set aside an additional 30 minutes of time to sit down with one of our Immersive Tour experts to go over features in which you want Mattertags on. You might be asking yourself what is a Mattertags? They are informational icons that your visitors will see during their self-guided tours of your brewery, this is where you can inform them of unique traits about your business. Such as equipment, artwork, merchandise etc.

While on site we will use our photography skills to snap amazing shots which you can use in print media. Your URL can be used for email blasts, social media initiatives and more. Whereas the embedded code can be used on your website, email blasts, social media and more.