With so many bike shops in Greater Vancouver it's all about showcasing what you have in your shop and what makes you unique. With the help of 3D-Immersive Tours, your customers can get a sneak peak of your shop. Customers can perform self-guided tour of your shop; viewing current inventory of your bikes and biking accessories. All too often customers just do not know what you have in store for them. When using other forms of advertising, it is hard to articulate what makes your store unique.

It is highly recommended that you take advantage of our bi-monthly tours, which allow us to keep up with your changing inventory.

What you need to know:

Tour are best performed either before opening or at after closing; as your space will not have active bodies walking through-out. On average 1000 sqft will require 45-60 minutes. You will also want to set aside an additional 60-90 minutes of time to sit down with one of our Immersive Tour experts to go over features in which you want Mattertags on. You might be asking yourself what is a Mattertags? They are informational icons that your visitors will see during their self guided tours of your space. This is where you can inform them your specific inventory. (Models of bikes, pricing, and even link to manufacture details)

At an additional cost, we are happy to provide you with beautiful High Resolution photos, which are great to use for your social media and marketing initiatives. Your immersive tour will be delivered to you as a web-link or embedded code. You can use this code on your website, email blasts, social media and more.

All immersive tours include virtual reality tours. This allows your customers to walk through your store using VR goggles, this new form of shopping will put you well ahead of all your competitors. Not only that, it is amazlingly awesome!

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